Snow Gear

Important! All equipment and clothing should be labeled with the athlete’s name.

Here’s what you must have:

Clothing and equipment
  • Synthetic fabric, moisture-wicking long-underwear. (Craft, Patagonia, etc.). Tops, bottoms, and for boys wind-briefs.
  • Synthetic fabric training tops and bottoms: can be old lycra suits or any light weight training fabric.
  • Warm-up pants with zippered sides so they can be removed over ski boots
  • A warm-up jacket
  • A warm-up vest
  • Classic boots
  • Classic training skis (new skiers can get by with just 1 pair of classic and skate skis in their first year)
  • Classic racing skis
  • Skate training skis
  • Skate racing skis
  • Skate boots (you may start with combi-boots, but should get dedicated skate boots by your second year).
  • 2 or more pairs of ski gloves
  • 2 or more ski hats
  • Earmuffs or headband or hat that covers the ears for cold days.
  • Thin material balaclava. Optional, but great for very cold weather.
  • Winter boots – not sneakers!
  • Sports watch (mandatory to own and to wear to each practice)
  • Heart rate monitor. Optional, but highly recommended.
  • Water-bottle belt pack and water bottle
  • Clothing gear bag with boot compartments to carry all clothes, gloves, hats, boots, etc.
  • Classic skis: 1 pair of rock skis, 1 pair soft, 1 pair for klister (start with one pair and add over time – not necessary to buy all in one year).
  • Skate skis: 1 pair of rock skis, 1 pair of race skis
  • Classic poles: cut to .83% of skier height
  • Skate poles: cut to .90% of skier height
  • Ski bag or bags to hold skis and poles
  • Ski ties to hold skis together
  • Glide wax kit (see details below)
  • Kick wax kit (see details below)
Glide wax kit (check with coaches before buying wax: recommendations change from year to year)
  • Form bench to hold ski while working on it (we have plans for building your own)
  • Iron
  • Thick plastic scraper
  • Groove pin
  • Toko Copper brush
  • Toko Nylon polishing brush
  • Toko LF Moly, Blue, Red, Yellow: 1 each at least
  • Toko System 3 Yellow: 2 or more

The club provides top-coat waxes at important races. The coaches will provide waxing clinics for all athletes to demonstrate how to apply glide wax. All athletes are expected to learn to wax and to regularly wax their skis. We have a discounted club purchase of wax every fall.

Kick wax kit (check with coaches before buying wax: recommendations change from year to year)
  • Plastic cork
  • Sandpaper 150 and 180 grit
  • Toko GelClean wax remover
  • Toko Green Stick binder
  • Toko Red Stick
  • Toko Universal klister

If you plan to do a lot of classic skiing on your own, then it would be good to purchase a full set of the stick waxes and perhaps some of the klisters. The club will provide classic waxes at most races and some practices. However, you will be expected to arrive with your kick zone sanded and, on stick wax days, the green stick binder corked onto the base.