CSU Volunteers

CSU is a 100% volunteer-run organization, including our entire coaching staff.

And without the small army of parent and other volunteers that keep the skis waxed, the athletes fed and hydrated, and all of the administrative stuff in order, the organization simply would not be able to function. (Thus, ALL parents of athletes are expected to volunteer in some capacity to help out the organization in whatever way they can.)

Whether you’re a parent, a Nordic skiing enthusiast, or simply a friend of the Nordic skiing community that wants to help out, there are numerous opportunities for you to volunteer.

  • Click here to download a document with the current CSU volunteer job opportunities.

Download the current list of CSU volunteers

If you want to know who has volunteered for what CSU job, download the list of current volunteers.

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Contact the CSU Volunteer Coordinator

If you’re interested in helping out in some way and have a question or other idea, fill out the form below, and the CSU volunteer coordinator will contact you to discuss ways in which you can help.