Rob Bradlee


Rob Bradlee has been the head coach of the CSU Juniors since 2005. He was the 2007 NENSA Coach of the Year and the 2012 USSA Domestic Coach of the Year. Rob’s coaching philosophy focuses on a mix of year-round fitness development and perfecting technique. He works with athletes on a partnership model in which the coach supports the athlete in reaching his or her goals. He attends camps, clinics, and conferences every year to stay current with the latest techniques. In NENSA, he is on the Coaches Development committee and on the Board of Directors.

He started ski racing at Belmont Hill School in 1972. He continued racing on the Harvard Ski Team and has raced ever since competing at levels up to U.S. Senior Nationals. In National Masters (over age 30) competition, he has been a multiple silver medalist and was National Champion in the 10K skate competition in 2010.

Rob is a certified Level II NENSA coach, certified USSA L200 coach, and a coach for the New England team for the NENSA Junior National team and for the Massachusetts state team for Eastern High School Championships. Rob is also a member of the Toko Technical Team that promotes and supports Toko ski wax.