Terry Wong


Terry Wong has been pursuing various athletic endeavors his entire life, particularly enjoys learning new sports, and ideally will eventually find one that he not only enjoys doing, but actually excels at. A three-season athlete in high school (soccer, rifle, and tennis), he slowed his focus to rifle while in college, eventually rising to be captain of the team. Post college, he became enamored with Ultimate Frisbee and its Spirit of the Game ethos, reaching nationals three times. As wisdom accumulated, he subscribed to the old maxim about going longer because you can’t get faster, and started to run marathons. On a dare he attempted a Craftsbury Ski marathon and became bit by the bug of another equipment intensive sport.

A NENSA level 1 coach, he tricked his kids into joining EMBK so he could ski more often, and was pleasantly surprised that they enjoyed Nordic skiing enough to join CSU. As a coach of soccer, basketball, ultimate and skiing, he’s dedicated to helping each athlete maximize their individual potential.