The Racing Program

“We have fun working hard and work hard at having fun”

  • About the ski racing program
    The CSU Junior ski-racing program is for high school aged students in grades 8-12. The program serves athletes who don’t have a school ski team or who are interested in additional coaching beyond what they receive in their high school program. We have approximately 50 skiers for our year-round program. We have coached students from Andover, Concord-Carlisle, Lincoln-Sudbury, Dover-Sherborn, Reading, Wellesley, Belmont Hill, Wayland, Newton, Brookline and other schools. Our graduates have gone on to ski for Williams, Dartmouth, Colby, University of Vermont, UNH, Bates, Middlebury Saint Lawrence, and Harvard.
  • A key to winter success: Year-round training
    We believe the key to success in winter races is a year-round training program beginning in the spring. Starting in May we offer a Monday night workout of rollerski technique and specific ski strength in Wayland from 5 to 7 PM. On Saturdays we offer a long-distance rollerski workout through Littleton from 9 to 11 AM. We have running workouts on Tuesdays. On Fridays we have a core strength workout. During the summer we have a Thursday evening rollerski. In the fall we offer daily, coached workouts for athletes who are training only for skiing and not doing a fall sport. We have a Sunday rollerski for athletes doing a fall school-sport.

    As soon as there is manmade snow at Weston Ski Track (mid-December), we offer two weekday evenings (6:30 – 8:00 PM) and at least one weekend session each week until mid-March. We provide waxing support and coaching at all the Massachusetts team qualifying races, the regional NENSA Junior Olympic Qualifiers, and U16 and Eastern High School Championships. Many of the CSU coaches are also coaches for the Massachusetts teams at the latter two events.
    To measure the progress of our aerobic fitness we have an array of physical tests held once each per month: uphill double-pole on rollerskis, 3,000 meter track run, 100 meter maximum speed on rollerskis, and uphill run.

  • Setting goals and tracking progress: An expected commitment from every CSU athlete
    We ask athletes in our program to set goals in the spring for the following winter. The most committed athletes train at the level of skiers who make the Junior Olympic team for New England. Most athletes are trying for the State teams to Eastern High School Championships or the U16 Championships (details of both events below). Some skiers who are new to the sport focus more on learning the fundamentals of technique and less on intense training.

    We expect every athlete to maintain a training log using the spreadsheet that we provide. We expect each athlete to email their training log every four weeks to their assigned coach.

    You should have freestyle and classical equipment (details below), as well as roller skis. If you have questions about equipment, we will help you select the appropriate skis and accessories.

    You do not have to attend every practice as long as you are doing alternative training approved by one of the coaches. You are expected to provide your own wax, although the club will provide some wax for major events and you can purchase wax through the club at a discounted price.

    Athletes may come to workouts on a trial basis for a month before deciding to join the program. When you join we require a coaching fee of $825. We allow mid-season sign-ups if there is room in the program.

Expected outcomes

Our program has the goal that each athlete in the program will acquire and master the following knowledge and skills:

  • Setting goals
  • Planning training
  • Logging training and physical measurements
  • Ski technique
  • Nutrition for health and fitness
  • Physiology of training
  • Ski waxing
  • Ski equipment selection, use, and maintenance
  • Personal organization
  • Self-reliance
  • Confident performance in competitive events

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