Race Day Process

Ski racing is very complicated. It takes years of practice to develop a good race-day routine and learn how to follow it. Below is a suggested process for you to start with and that you can build on and modify to suit your own taste.
  • Register for the race a week ahead of time (or earlier). For most races you will register at nensa.net. Learn the start time for your age-category race.
  • Get a wax tip from the coaches and wax your skis.
  • Set a process goal for the race: e.g. “I will do as much V2 as possible.”
  • Eat a high-carbohydrate, high-calorie breakfast at least 3 hours before your race (skip sleep to eat if necessary).
  • Arrive 90 minutes to 2 hours before your start time. Be wearing your watch!
  • Meet at the CSU tent if it’s a team event
  • Give your race skis to the coaches for final waxing. No ski ties!
  • Register and pick up your bib.
  • If possible put on your bib right away so you don’t lose track of it.
  • Put on rock skis, wax if necessary, and inspect course if possible
  • 45 minutes before the race, begin your warm-up (20 minutes easy, 10 moderate, 5 hard, then final organization, removing warm-ups, etc). The course inspection can be combined with the warm-up if possible.
  • Race well and enjoy being young and fit!
  • As soon as the race is over, put on warm-ups, drink fluids, and eat a snack bar. Recovery begins immediately and is the beginning of the preparation for the next race. (Consume 1 to 1.5 g/kg/hour of carbs for 4 to 6 hours after the race).
  • Do a warm-down ski of at least 20 minutes with at least 10 minutes at Level 2 intensity.
  • Put skis in ski ties and back in bag.
  • Put on dry clothes.
  • Help coaches pack up wax gear and tent.