Fall Rollerski Intervals

Timing: First Thursday after Labor Day until snow

Objective: learn to apply good technique under high load, and increasing tiredness; get ready for racing

Venues: Annursnac Hill and Heath Bridge in Concord


Every Fall rollerski interval workout follows the same basic structure:

  • 15min warm-up at medium speed
  • main interval workout for a prescribed time (40-60min) or number of repeats
  • 10min cool down

The program consists of 4 types of rollerski interval workouts that we repeat on a 4-week roster.  We add about 5min (interval+recovery time) every time we have completed all 4 workouts.

  • Annursnac Hill, short CLASSIC intervals (3-4min intervals for 40-60min of intervals+recovery).  We alternate no-pole (NP)/kick-DP/DP/full technique (FT)
  • Heath Bridge, long CLASSIC intervals (3-4*10-12min).  We alternate FT/DP
  • Annursnac Hill, short SKATE intervals (3-4min intervals for 40-60min). We alternate FT/NP
  • Heath Bridge,  long SKATE intervals (3-4*10-12min). We alternate FT/NP

We do the short intervals at L4, the long intervals at L3, so this is fairly intense work.