Intensity Running Program

Timing: 2nd Tue of P2 through last Tue before Labor Day, then replaced by Jester/ Bounding program)

Objective: build a broad base of speed, explosive strength, L3 and L4 interval stamina in a fun, natural environment. Prepare for more ski specific fall intensity workouts.

Venue: start at CCHS Numbers Hill and run on 13km standard loop through Walden Woods, Concord track for 3000m tests (or remote locations individually)


The “Tue Intensity” program, is a 4 month program of intense running workouts, rotating fartleg, 30min L3, 3*10min L3, and 3000m tests according to our base training plan.

  • Fartleg: 75-90min of running with 8-12 natural intervals built in (total intensity time 20-35min).  Intervals go uphill when possible, 30sec-7min duration.  Also one set of 3-5 10m sprints and hill bounding where appropriate.  Add tree-jumps and hops for leg strength and explosiveness. Initially keep sprints at L3, later go to L4
  • 3-4*10min L3: On hilly 2.5k standard loop south of Walden pond, run at L3 with 3-5min recovery between runs. Intensity increases over the summer, start with lower end L3, go up to threshold later. J1s do 4 reps starting from 2nd time
  • 30min L3: from the bridge across Spanish brook (south of Walden Pond), over Mt. Misery to the top of Pine Hill (add 5min with Kettle Pond Loop after 2nd run). Take time each time and improve over the summer
  • 3000m test: see testing program