Testing Program

Timing: throughout dryland season, from P3 until snow.

Our Tests:

  • 3000m: Emerson track, Concord
  • DP: 4 double-pole repeats up Annursnac Hill, Concord
  • NP: 4 skate with no poles repeats up Annursnac Hill
  • Strength: 5 basic strength exercises. Wayland
  • Speed: 100 meters on rollerskis Wayland
  • Uphill run: Wachusett Mountain
  • 5k RS time trial: Prospect Park
  • Uphill RS races: Kearsage Mountain


  • Monitor your progress, month-to-month and year-by-year
  • Establish performance benchmarks
  • Do intensive workouts
  • Build the mental skills for competition
  • Provide motivation for your daily training


  • 3000m test: 7.5 laps around the track. Please bring watches to time yourself and capture your splits every lap. If you have a heart-rate monitor, wear it. As a test preparation, set a time goal for yourself. Then compute the average lap time you need to hit to achieve that goal. That will help you pace yourself.
  • NP and DP test: 4 NP/ DP runs up Annursnac Hill, with 5 min recovery between sets as we return to the starting line. Younger skiers do 3 sets and 6 min recovery between runs. Wear HR monitor and record time for each run, total time, Max and Avg HR for each run. We record all these records in our testing data base.
  • Strength: USST strength test as done at Region Elite Camps. 1 minute on with 1 minute off to rest do maximum number within time or to exhaustion of Pull-ups, Push-ups, Dips, Sit-ups, and Box Jumps.
  • Speed: 100 Meter speed.
  • Uphill run: Run up the access road at Mt. Wachusett – takes about 30 minutes.
  • Uphill RS Race: 6K rollerski up Mt Kearsage (closed road).
  • RS time trial: 5K course at Prospect Park (closed road) in Waltham