Training Programs

We try to keep a lot of variety in our workouts, but there is a basic process that you should follow for every workout:

  • Fill water-bottle with sport drink (Gatorade powder (big cans at WalMart) is an inexpensive source).
  • Bring a snack bar: 1 for short workouts (to eat at the end), 2 or more for longer workouts (eat one in middle, one at end)
  • Review checklist of necessary clothing, HR monitor, and ski gear
  • Arrive on-time or early
  • For ski workouts arrive early if you need to classic wax
  • We usually warm-up as a group, often break into groups for the main part of the workout, and warm-down as a group.  We work as a team and no one gets left behind.
  • If the workout will last over an hour, or if it is extremely hot, wear your water-bottle belt back.  If the workout will be over 90 minutes bring a snack bar.
  • At the end of the workout eat a snack bar and drink plenty of fluids within 15 minutes of the end of the workout.

Remember: Training is only half the process. The other half is proper nutrition, hydration, and rest after the workout so that your body can super-compensate for the training that  you did and make you stronger for the next workout.